Surfing Bali


In this article I tell something different from other articles.
I want to tell an experience that I did here, about sport, about our limits.
I was in bali and I decided to try surf for the first time.
The first morning I went to the beach and I asked informations about it, I immediately found a surf instructor and initially he was perplexed about my intentions; anyway we planned a lesson for the day after.
When the day after I went to the beach he was even more confused and initially he was not considering to make me try surf.
I only wanted to try, I didn’t have expectations, I wanted to know if it was possible or not and I really don’t care if someone tell me that something it is impossible, without know if it is really impossible.
The first limit it is in our mind and when we can set our mind properly we have already done the most difficult part of our challenge.
I tried…

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  1. You told me about it and I saw your photo’s. What an amazing achievement! It was such a pleasure to meet you Alessandro! Keep in touch. Let me know when back in Bne! x Marijke, your friendly Airport Ambassador!

    1. I love you, Mama 😉

  2. hi 🙂 I just found your blog. Your travel and what you are doing…It is so amazing! Good luck, man. I will be following your posts.

    1. Thank you Caroline, I appreciate your support!

  3. Hi alex….
    we surf last time in bali, have a good day. I just found your blog. Youre the man…. Keep inspiring man. Earm regard from Indonesia

    1. Hi my friend, I miss Bali and my surfing time!
      I miss Monkey bar as well, hopefully I will be back one day!


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