Chatting with Belen


Also in early December, the day after recovering a new club, I went to Madrid, a wonderful city never visited before.
Here lives a dear friend, Giorgia, so I decided to extend the boundaries of my training camp before touring Spain, to add an extra experience that will surely come in handy when needed.

It was not easy to reach the house of Giorgia, you want the intricate streets, you want a different language, as vaguely familiar … to settle at home instead was a pleasure, has roommates really nice!
One afternoon, while my friend was at work, I went out to look for something hot to drink, I met a Spanish lady who offered me help, as well as her very pleasant company.
I then recorded a few seconds of our meeting.
The bar where I went was not far from Giorgia’s house, I stayed out of my time, and yet when my friend came back she found me radiant and asked what had happened.
I simply told her that wonderful things happen every day, to anyone, even if we are often distracted to notice them.
I was happy because I was doing what allows me to see some more, more easily and what could simply be considered as an exchange of words with a stranger for me has been experienced as a special moment in which time has stopped, cultural and generational differences have given way to the desire to know, share, grow and smile in front of a cup of tea.

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