From Panama to Colombia

I woke up early as yesterday, I was excited because I knew it would has been an adventurous trip.
I went to the domestic airport and I asked to go to Puerto Baldia, a flight assistant told me the flight was full but I could put my name on the waiting list, there were good possibilities to get in, I just needed to be patient and wait until noon.
I waited in a bar, I was confident because the way the man told me about the waiting list said more things than words.
Five hours passed quickly, the woman at the bar offered me a snack and a drink, the assistant came to bring me to the counter, I didn’t need to ask, I already knew I had my sit on the plane.
Actually I bought my ticket without problems and I waited the boarding time.
We flew by Twin Otter, a plane used for skydive as well and it was strange for me to be there without my parachute.
I enjoyed the flight, they said it was the last flight of the pilot… it didn’t sound so nice… we landed in Puerto Baldia after a hour, another flight assistant came to me, I told her I wanted to go to Colombia, so she helped me to do everything I needed to do and finally we arrived to get the lancia.
I wanna thank Primitiva for the friendly way she do with me, I really appreciated it.
On the boat I spoke with a funny man, he saw me at the airport and he asked me what I was doing… I found a new friend.
We reached Capurganá in about half hour and we immediately went to the immigration office to stamp our entry in Colombia; we also found a lancia for the day after, to go to Turbo.
I really loved that village, it was cute and friendly, I spent the night talking with some crazy women and I met several nice persons.
I woke up still early in the morning, I met other guys in the place where I slept and they were excited I was there, they enjoyed my stories.
It was raining… never mind, they told me to put my important stuff into the bag, we could get wet.
We had a quick breakfast and we went to catch the lancia; at eight o’clock we were ready to go.
I was really happy about that trip, I really like this way to travel, by the way, we crossed a small piece of the Caribbean sea.
We arrived to Turbo in about two hours, when I left the boat I was surrounded by a lot of people and I lost my friends, I anyway found somebody that helped me to buy a local simcard, to get money from the ATM machine, I bought my bus ticket and I ate something before to leave.
I felt I liked this people, I was happy, I was excited, I was glad to finally started my journey in South America.

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  1. Thanks for the updates as I feel that I am traveling with you. I have been to. Most of these places, but always enjoy the road. Keep up the good work.
    Jim in Portland, OR

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