Poland that sometimes understands me, sometimes not but that still helps me


As soon as I got on the train to Poland, I met a very kind Czech girl, Anita, who made herself available if I needed help. I then made myself explain where the bathroom was and then I revealed that I would have mentioned it in my travel stories. I hope you can read me, dear girl!
Crossing the border, in the city of Katowice, it was necessary to change the means of transport. I then got off the train and started walking along the platform, with the backpack on his shoulder, the white stick in his hand, without a clear idea of ​​the direction to take but with a smile attracts people, imagining how many looks catalyzing on myself.
Of all these looks, one before others, he followed me to understand if I needed help and realized that I did not know exactly where to go he spoke to me.
I explained to my new helper that I had to take a bus to Krakow and he, very kindly, offered to accompany me.
Hooked to Kamilij’s arm, as we headed towards the waiting room, I answered his questions, he was in fact a little surprised to see a blind and alien boy traveling alone. I then revealed to him my project and his enthusiastic reaction has pleasantly impressed me.
Before leaving him, I collected his testimony, I wanted to film both of them, but I was later told that his face does not appear in the video. Not bad, from his voice still shines all its beautiful energy.

At the Krakow station I was waiting for a girl who had responded to my public request on couchsurfing, inviting me to stay a few days with her. Then arrived at the destination I was greeted by Zofia, a Polish student with a passion for architecture, struggling with his second degree. She was indeed very good at explaining some of the characteristics of her magnificent city, which we visited despite the snow and the bitter cold.
One day we went to visit a magical place, the Wawel castle, which takes its name from the hill of the same name. Zofia told me that it tells of the existence of some particular energy sources in his vicinity.
One afternoon, while my friend was in class, I went out to buy some products, I wanted to cook something in gratitude. I used the translator of my phone to write a shopping list in Polish, since even here, especially the young, they are not very familiar with English.
The apartment in which I was staying was on the third or fourth floor of an ancient building, I imagine very beautiful and at the same time a little difficult to decipher. I have not been able to find the exit door now that I thought to be the ground floor, after several attempts I was discouraged and I decided to go back to Zofia’s apartment.
I was arguing with the door lock when I heard some noise from inside, the rattling of the bolts, as I sensed the situation the door was wide open and an incomprehensible voice raged against me, I automatically backed up a few steps and raised the hands in surrender, showing the white cane and pronouncing in English:
“I’m blind, I’m sorry, I’m wrong door! ”
At this point the irascible being immediately stopped, after a few moments of silence, while I added a few more words to justify myself, he still said a little confused:
“Oh … blind … help? ”
Resuming courage, I replied that I was trying to get out but that I could not find the door and I had probably even made a mistake. Then, a little embarrassed, he took me by the arm and accompanied me to the exit, murmuring something in an even more broken English than mine. Finally I smiled out of him and shook his hand, thanking him in English and in Polish and as I walked along the sidewalk I perceived his eyes still confused staring at me, who knows what he thought.
“Made this” I told myself “to find walnuts and gorgonzola will not be a problem …”. In fact, after a few hundred meters, the unmistakable smell of fruits and vegetables showed me the presence of a small supermarket, where a very kind saleswoman gave me all the ingredients on the list, shown through my iPhone, which turned out to be very helpful; That evening I welcomed Zofia with the revisited version of the Nogarese dish “Riso co ‘le nose”: risotto with walnuts and cambozola.

It seems that in Poland I am more fortunate with my requests on couchsurfing, since Warsaw I have received several proposals for hospitality. In particular, I was contacted by a girl with a very beautiful and energetic voice, Ewa, enthusiastic about my project and eager to contribute, but she lives far from the capital. I therefore maintained contact with her and accepted the offer of

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