Prague freezes you, Prague warms you up


As soon as I arrived at the Prague station, like the previous time, my reference person came to welcome me.
In this magnificent city the condition of the roads and especially the sidewalks, due to the snow, was even worse than in Vienna. This did not stop me and Kaka, a sweet girl who lives here, to visit some of the most characteristic places. He took me, for example, to Piazza Wenceslas, telling me about the nice little theater that occurs when the bell tower clock punctuates the hour.
My new friend has accommodated me in what will be his future home, bare of furniture but with everything I needed: a mattress and a bathroom. Since I would have been alone in the apartment and that she would go to work in the morning, she immediately gave me some general instructions to get around with the Prague public transport, which I would rather admit.
The early morning, however, came to get me and we went together in the office where he works. I admit I took advantage of the wi-fi and the heating of his office for several hours, it was really cold outside.
After having lunch together, however, I decided to go exploring alone, I will have to earn this around the world!
I fixed the gps point of the entrance door through a very useful orientation application: Ariadne gps; this tactic is a lifeline for me because it allows me to find a specific position previously set. The accuracy of the GPS is not such as to guide me right up to an entrance or a bell, it still brings me close enough, while the few meters of final difference belong to me.
And so I went for a walk for a few hours, noting much willingness to help me from the people I met, despite some difficulties with the language.

One evening, after leaving alone, I would have to find Kaka to go home, we had arranged to meet at a certain tram stop. Once I heard the vocal synthesis of the vehicle announcing its name, I went down and waited on the desolate sidewalk. It was snowing and it was very cold, the muffled noises made me feel an almost unreal atmosphere, like in a ghost town. My friend did not show up, I did not want to call her on the phone because I did not want to bother her while she was in the company of her boyfriend, she was already spending a lot of time with me.
And just like in a movie scene I heard a sinister sound of footsteps on the snow moving toward my direction, slowly.
Now at arm’s length the sound of footsteps has ceased and that mysterious entity has turned to me:
” Do you need help? “In perfect English.
Almost in shock it took me a few moments to understand the situation, I think I answered something like:
” Who are you? ”
The boy, a little ‘displaced, told me his name and asked me if everything was fine. I finally started reacting in a logical way and I explained the situation to him.
At this point Vita, with an eloquent exclamation, told me that he understood what could have gone wrong: there were two stops with that same name, distinct only by a number, I had probably fallen to the wrong one.
So he proposed to accompany me to the next one.
Chatting with a little difficulty, with the facial muscles stiffened by the cold, I discovered that my savior was a director.
After a few hundred meters we reached Kaka, stopped to expect exactly where it was supposed to be. This girl is a saint, although I had forced at least half an hour in the cold came to meet me smiling, wondering if it was all right.
I dismissed Vita thanking him, with the promise that I would contact him.
The last fact that I can not avoid telling is the meeting with Anna, who is also part of the couchsurfing community. She was unable to accommodate me, we still spent a couple of evenings together, sipping tea and having dinner in a very nice place she knew. This girl has traveled a lot, especially in some places that I will cross soon.
This adventure is beginning to take on almost abnormal traits, so many lucky coincidences, so many right people at the right time, so much so that every night, lying in my bed, I stopped to mentally review all the incredible events to really realize if my happy amazement was justified or if it is simply the cold that freaks me.
Surely a bit ‘of stoning accuse me, every time I try to say something while I record a video greeting I do not get the words out. But in my heart everything is much clearer, I feel so much joy and immense gratitude to the world.
And of course a special thought goes to the sweet Kaka!

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