Thank’s To

I do not know if I can complete this page before my project is finished, I have so many thanks for expressing!

I would like to thank the Earth for being there again, it seemed that yesterday, December 21st 2012, it should end and I would have been sorry to have thrown away more than a year of work!

I thank the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, they are our base and it is thanks to them if today man is able to do everything he does, like going for a walk around the space, or performing microsurgery operations.

I thank the marble fragment of my past because it emits positive vibrations every night.

I thank Pasqualina, to be more flourishing every day and fill me with satisfactions.

I thank my dog ​​Lucky, who will soon turn 12, who, precisely because of his venerable age, has forced me to an almost frenetic start.

And now we come to human thanks.

I thank all the people who have been part of my life, they are part of it now and they will be part of it in the future, every human contact generates energy and energy is a source of life.

I thank all those who have criticized me and will continue to do so, it is important to listen to whatever is said to us; this is the best way to analyze yourself and learn from your mistakes, then grow.

Speaking of constructive criticism, I thank my fantastic guidance and mobility instructor, Barbara Pozza, who knew how to measure severity and sweetness with the right balance and allowed me to acquire technique and confidence in moving and orientating myself in unknown spaces; together with her I positioned a fundamental piece for the realization of this project.

I thank my friend Giovanni Segala for having engaged with an enthusiast of blogs and social networks, Alice Cittone, who immediately fell in love with the project and gave me all her experience.

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Keep it going….

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