The Germany you do not expect

Here we are at the last stage of my test trip, where I’m checking the feasibility of supporting the couchsurfing network to travel around the world. On the train to the capital of Germany I felt quite relaxed, I thought that in Poland, despite cold, snow and communication difficulties, I went quite well, so a city like Berlin could only be a walk.
Finding accommodation was not easy, shortly after the publication of my request, more than a week ago, I received the proposal of a boy apparently very helpful and accommodating, but then going to check his profile, among the references left by his previous guests, I found that the subject was not very reliable. A boy wrote that he had left the apartment after a few hours because the landlord had immediately assumed a strange attitude, turning half-naked home, assuming a lascivious behavior, in addition to the fact that the photo of his couchsurfing profile resulted false. I am a great supporter of freedom, to the extent that it does not come to limit that of others.
In this case I felt free to decline the invitation of a person who probably looks for what interests him in the wrong place: if the main objective is to tow, there are special sites.
Not having received other answers I sent a private request to a boy with a very high number of references, imagining it was an ideal host; Yan’s positive response came in a short time. Fantastic!

Then arrived at the station, thrilled as I was, I did not take long to attract a kind guy to me who accompanied me to the train that would take me near the home of my host.

After a while ‘time, checking with the app gps how many meters separated me from my destination, I read a number that took me a few moments to make me understand the situation: in addition to being more than 30 kilometers away I was moving away more and more!
I immediately asked the person closest to me for help, after a brief consultation it was revealed that I had probably mispronounced to Philip the name of the place where I had to go and I had therefore been sent on the wrong train.
This little misunderstanding meant that, instead of reaching Yan in the afternoon, I arrived that it was almost evening.

Thanks to the usual chain of aid I reached and pressed the bell of the house of Yan, after a minute I heard the sound of someone coming down the stairs, then a door open and without uttering word that same someone turned and started to go up the stairs!
“Let’s start well! “I thought, throwing myself in pursuit of that strange subject. Stuck in the house behind him I was grabbed by an arm, accompanied through a corridor to a room and then here is the chair. I sit. I remain silent. After a very long minute the boy asks me:
“So … you’re blind”
And I:
“Of course, I had specified this in your request …”
His answer:
“Oh, interesting”
Inside of me, perhaps because of a hysterical reaction, I felt that I was about to burst out laughing, but I managed to maintain a certain behavior.
Then Yan left, coming back soon after with a mattress that rested on the floor, next to another mattress, adding that this was the guest room and that soon they would return an American boy and two Danish girls .
In fact, about half an hour later, I met Andrew, Emilia and Camilla, returned from a visit to the city. The newcomers appeared less “extravagant” than the landlord, who in the meantime had holed up in his room. They explained to me that he used to spend days there, while in the evening he reemerged among ordinary mortals. It was certainly not a common character but all in all it was not bad.

Around midnight the boys were going out to visit an abandoned hospital not far away, I was genuinely exhausted but their insistence convinced me to go. Outside it was raining and when we arrived on the spot we had to climb over a fence, after a patrol of the perimeter of the structure Andrew, the enthusiast of abandoned places, has identified an entrance.
He was a trailblazer and often guided me, it seemed to me to be on the scene of a horror film, thanks both to the left place but above all to his American accent. On several occasions I wondered what I was doing in that place, regretting that I had consented to join the boys … but the next day, when I was again proposed to visit an old abandoned amusement park, what do you think he answered?
I have no idea how much we walked to reach that damn


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