The Project

Hello my friend, I will immediately tell you one thing: I trust you!
It’s possible that we will meet soon and then I can introduce myself in person.
My name is Alessandro, I’m 27 years old italian boy and I live in the province of Verona. I have an idea for a project that will involve many people, symbolically it will involve all the people on earth!
I’m aware that this statement may seem very idealistic I assure you I’m not crazy and I’m not drunk… well, maybe I’m a little drunk, on happiness! Yes, on happiness, because what we are going to do will be very very nice.
Before I tell you more about the project I want to briefly tell you my story and hope you may have a few minutes for me. Yes, I’m sure that this story will interest you.
About 3 years ago I had a parachuting accident and amongst other things that have happened to me I lost my sight. So right now, I am blind. It took me a little time to accept this new situation as it was the first time I lost my sight.
About one year after the accident, I started a course on the functions of the brain and I acquired the tools I needed to understand many things beyond what had happened to me.

At the same time I started going to a wonderful not for profit association called ‘Gabbia-no ONLUS’. The association’s main objective is to create new independent opportunities for disabled people. From this point I started to engage in further social work.

Around the same time, almost as if falling from heaven, I met a wonderful girl who made me feel very strong emotions. Emotions I could hardly remember and that up to a year earlier, when the accident happened, I had considered impossible to find again. Then I started to think that maybe this girl was some kind of gift, a signal that I was doing the right thing.
After some time this girl went away but I continued to be positive and committed myself to do good work, to work in a positive light.
Soon after another beautiful divine girl came along, the girl of my dreams!
And then I thought: “I have really found the right way! ”
Unfortunately this second girl also left me. But I decided that I needed to continue on my path, convinced that it was the right one and giving reasons for these sad losses with the fact that probably it wasn’t the right time for me to fall in love.
I’m still convinced that helping others is one of the better things that can be done and that one just needs to find the best way of doing it. So, one year ago, I devised a plan to help others, and it is this I would like to tell you about now.

In these days in Italy, as I think elsewhere in the world, there is an atmosphere of crisis, moral decline and of distrust among the human race. I believe in humanity, in its strength and goodness. I also believe that it’s easy to lose the true meaning of what is right, and the sense of direction to go there.

What I intend to do is physically take this path of light, a long road that will pass through all the continents, which will encompass the earth as a circle of energy. I want to make a world tour supported by all the people I will meet along my journey, to demostrate that to trust the others is not only possible, but it can turns into an amazing adventure! I will go by train, by car and by ship. I will use all means necessary and what will be most important of all is your help. Helping me you’ll make the world tour with me and you’ll see places that I will not be able to see, but by hearing people I’ll tell you with my voice, my words, with pictures and videos. I’ll put everything on a website: during my trip, day by day.

I have been planning this trip for a few months now and there is still much work to do before I leave as I intend to visit around 100 countries.
I will start at the beginning of the next spring, you may think that reason for this could be stupid, it is important for me: I have a fantastic dog, a Labrador, Lucky. He is 12 years old and still in good health, although he is starting to suffer the problems of old age. I would like to see him again when I return. I estimate that I will be away for about a year and a half although this could be much longer, I have imposed this limit of time for the start of this adventure.
Would you like to help me? To help a blind person travel around the world alone? Would you like to accompany me? I’m sure you will say yes and I’m sure we will be many people!


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