Short good time in Zimbabwe

My time in Zimbawe has been short and full of providential meetings!
In the taxi which by I traveled from the border to the city center of Mutare there were some women that asked me where I was going.
They had my sane destination: Harare.
I Initially though I had to spend one night in Mutare hut these new persons told me they would have traveled by a night train and they proposed me to join them, so I accepted.
After I met also some friends of them, they helped me to find a SIM card for my phone, some food and finally we caught the train.
Unfortunately I couldn’t get a video about these very friendly guys, I hope my words can be enough.
In Harare I found a room just for a night.
Close to the hotel there was a good restaurant with Internet wireless connection, so I became a full time customer!
I also met a very helpful woman at the entrance, she arranged for me some travel stuff… thank you so much!


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