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Hello my friend, I want to tell you one thing right away: I trust you!
it is possible that soon we will meet and then I introduce myself, my name is Alessandro, I am a 27 year old boy, I live in the province of Verona and I have in mind a project that will involve many people.
Symbolically it will involve all the people of the earth!
I realize that this statement of mine may seem idealistic, I assure you that I am not delirious and I am not drunk … well, maybe a little ‘I am, of happiness!
Yes, because what we will do together will be very very nice!
Before I talk to you about my project I want to tell you my story briefly, do you have a few minutes to dedicate to me?
I’m sure yes, I think it could interest you …

About 3 years ago I had an accident, practicing skydiving, and among the various things that happened to me I lost my sight. Now in fact I’m blind ….

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