Sudanese friends

I’m leaving Khartoum.
Yesterday evening I took some pictures and videos with Ayub, the guy that works at the hotel where I spent some days.
He was always ready to help me, for everything I needed.
I can tell the same about all the people I met in this city: the guy that brought me to the hotel the first day, Mhagoud, the owner, Abdullah, that I met the first evening while I was searching for some food, the police at the immigration, that facilitated the procedure to get my registration and other people more.
We didn’t comunicate easily but that has not been an unsurpassed obstacle for our interactions, as you can see.
That means nothing is impossible when there is the determination to do.
Thank you Khartoum!

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  1. thanks alessandro , i couldn’t meet you this time, maybe next time i hope


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