Time to think, time to say

Sometimes life is funny, sometimes we have to face up to unexpected situations… its right here that we can know better about our self control.
Sometimes what should be right and helpful become bad quickly and we don’t know why…
Sometimes we only have to look forward and keep the mouth closed, waiting for the right moment to tell.

I reached Kenema by bus and I found a kind group of people that was trying to find out the best solution for me to go to Monrovia before Liberian border was closed, at 6 pm.
We found a taxi motorbike, leaving at 1 pm I could reach the border in time… but that road isn’t safe and a man suggest to me to go at the local police station, where I could find the best solution…
Initially it seems they really wanted to help me and told that they could lead me until border with their car… after they started to ask me a lot of question, they brought all my documents, they wanted to know how much money I had…
Time was passing, I started to be annoyed and I tried to keep my self control…
Finally they said that was too late and I should have to spend the night there!
I almost lost my patience and I asked my documents, I could find help in a better place.
They ordered me to sit down!
I continued to tell that I had no time and no money to spend the night there, so, after more than two hours of circus, they called the rider!
And than we tried to ride as fast as possible but the road was bad and slow.
I reached my destination too late and border was closed.
Maybe one day I will understand…


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