Very welcome in Khampala

I told I’ve bought a SIM card at the border, but as most of the time I couldn’t find the small-one, specific for iPhone 5, and in the bus I asked to someone to help me to cut it.
That time I was not so lucky and the SIM card didn’t work.
Then I couldn’t contact the guy I knew in Khampala and when I arrived there, about at the evening, my new friend Patience and her mother were worried to leave me alone at the station… So, they propose to me to come with them at home.
After, when I was tasting a nice porridge drink, I reminded I had another friend in khampala, Ronald, and I called him.; so, I went with him at his home.
The day after we visited the Italian embassy, asking for a new passport, and during the walk around the city I toke a video.
I toke a second video when we were coming back to home by motorbike…

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  1. Devi sapere che anni fa, in piena adolescenza, durante un festoso giorno di pasquetta, le deserte strade nogaresi sono state teatro di una scena analoga… e le autorità non hanno gradito 🙂


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