Seattle, tell me: what’s wrong?

What surprised me in this city is that it was really easy to move around for me: wide pavements, orthogonal streets and people every time ready to give you a kind answer.
The first night at the hostel I found two Australian guys very kind, they helped me to get food and after we went together to some pubs.
The second day I wanted to find a very popular pizza place, it was about seventeen blocks far away, but for a good slice of pizza I can do everything!
I felt so safe during my way, I got lost few times, it doesn’t matter, I enjoyed listening the typical American accent when I asked informations, they every times answered me warmly; I think I was smiling all the time.
I walked a couple of blocks with Tom, a gentle man from New York, he was holding a stick because he was old and I really appreciated his company, specially because when he took another direction he wished me to enjoy my food and to have a wonderful time in Seattle.
Actually pizza was delicious!
I met several helpful people at the hostel, but I started to feel that something was wrong, I started to think it was as the same thing in every place… I needed something more.
I know, I’m a complaining person!
Anyway, the last morning I left the hostel to reach the bus station; I met Jessie that told me I was on the wrong way, so he escorted me for about ten minutes to the right place.
It was everything too easy, I definitely needed something more exciting…


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