Almost perfect beginning in Ecuador

This post is dedicated to Balubba, Francesca and Santiago.
I think prejudices are a easy way to turn bad something that could have been better.
Some people told me to be careful in Ecuador, its not like Colombia, the people there are dangerous.
Well, I reached the border happy to be there and crossing the immigration controls the police were impressed to see me there, along, they asked me if I was not afraid about that.
I answered I was sure I could find amazing people in Ecuador, the man smiled and he said me:
” You are very welcome in my land, I wish you the best time here! “
I stopped a couple of days in Otavalo, just arrived at the bus terminal I met Helen that accompanied me to a pizza shop and she found a good hostel for me; my knee was still not fine and I didn’t go out a lot; from there I moved to Quito, the capital city of Ecuador.
The people I met along the street made me find a very cheap room in the city center; everything was very close to there and the first day I bought a cream made of coca for my knee; in a couple of days I was fine.
I really enjoyed to visit that city, I went to some squares to take pictures and I felt really relaxed because every time I was waiting to cross a street somebody arrived to assist me.
One day I was trying to get to the middle world point, once left a bus I met Allison, she accompanied me for a while and she told me it was late to go to that place, she suggested me to go earlier the next day.
I anyway enjoyed my time with her, very kind and friendly.
One night I came out to have a dinner and when I was walking in Plaza Grande a man followed me to ask if I was ok to talk with his friend, a blind musician.
I agreed very happy and we almost spent a lovely night.
Ruan invited me at his home, he played music with Omar, good music; then I recorded Omar playing alone.
Everything was amazing until I gave some dollars to Omar to buy cigarettes, he came back with a bottle of alcohol, he drunk a lot and he was not funny anymore.
I thought that, he probably felt I didn’t like him anymore and he became annoying with me.
I left the guys a bit sorry, specially for Ruan, because his stupid friend damaged a new friendship.
Never mind, I kept what good happened.


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  1. I’m so glad to hear you’ve had a great experience in Ecuador so far! My daughter and I will be traveling there next week for two weeks; this will be my third trip. The people of Ecuador are amazing; we’ve never had any issues. We’ve always felt safe and welcome, no matter where we were (Quito, Otavalo, Puyo, Puerto Lopez…).
    It’s funny that you say people have warned you about Ecuador; we’ve been afraid to travel to Colombia for that very same reason! You’ve given me the opportunity to look at Colombia in a different light.

    1. Well, my experience about people from Colombia is absolutely positive, I felt the same as you about Ecuador and I visited several places.
      Enjoy South America 😉


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