Italian icecream in Colombia

In Medellin lives my Italian friend Yuri, so I went to visit him.
He is running an ice cream shop, the best craft ice cream of Colombia; close to his shop there is an Italian restaurant, Opera, where I tasted a delicious pizza… its not hard to get that I remained there almost two weeks!
I needed a quiet place where to be relaxed and ill, so thanks Yuri for your time and your ice cream, thanks to Claudia and Alex, for yours amazing arepas and fruit juices and thanks to Dundy to destroyed my slippers.
I wanna remember Ferdinando as well, I will miss your pizza.
After Medellin I moved to Bogotà, where I spent a couple of days.
I immediately met Carlos that showed me the way to reach Bolivar square, he even invited me for a drink at his home, he told me to ask about his name once near my hostel… unfortunately there are thousands Carlos in that place!
Then I went to Bolivar square to experience the enthusiasm of the Colombians during the world cup football match, unfortunately that sport follow rules beyond the sport.
What impressed me is how was easy to find somebody to help me all around Bogotà, from the old part, la Candelaria, to other more modern sides, where I found also very friendly and helpful policemen.
During my last day I met Diego, he tried to help me finding a massage center and on the way back Tatiana and her mother escorted me to my hostel.
A great beginning of South America!



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