Too much and nothing

In Santa Cruz I met many people from the first hours.
The first important meeting was Eunice, a beautiful girl that helped me to find a coffee shop near to the main square; she was happy to introduce me other friends, so the day after we met us once again and we went to visit some more persons; Yessica was another lucky meeting, she plays music, she was very interesting and she asked me to cook some Italian food at her home, I ovviously did it!
On Thursday I went to search for a tatoo, I found Hassan, I decided he was the man; he also suggested me a place for the night, I needed a quiet local where to meet people.
When I reached cCentrosfera instead I found loud music and only few people inside.
After a short time a girl came and proposed me to join her and her friends, so I spent a crazy night with Tanili, Daniela, Adolfo and Lena, all of them from Brazil.
I had good time with them in the next days as well, we went to have a Brazilian lunch, delicious, we visited the city center, other funny nights and good meals… I will miss you Tamili, because you was so lovely and careful with me.
One night I was going back to my hostel from the main square, I was a bit lost because I cannot understand ” up ” and ” down ” as ” right ” and ” left “, very common in Bolivia… two students came closer to ask me if I needed any helps, I did of course, then we walked together to my place; some days later I met Isamil and Arilce again: I heard a friendly voice calling me, the guy was very surprised because they were wondering about me just 5 minutes before!
Connections my friend!
In those days I also spent a nice night with Alvaro, a guy from La Paz I met walking the street and during the last days, because I was a bit tired, I stayed longer in my hostel: I met Pablo and other lovely persons, I had fun every single night!
I was missing some traditional dishes, no problem! I met Albert, Maru, Helmuth and Gustavo, they made me know how is delicious the Bolivian food, thank you so much guys!
I was planning to go to the south, they suggested me to visit Sucre as well, because it’s even easier to meet people there… well, very helpful and lovely people there, as usual, but the only 2 interesting things happened to me in 4 days were to meet a French couple, Carolina and… mmmhh… opss! I forgot! Anyway I enjoyed the time with both of you guys 😉
And the second good thing was a lovely Italian pasta cooked by a beautiful Italian girl: thank you Silvia!
All the rest was totally boring!
I learnt we shouldn’t expect the things could run as other people can suppose to be, we are different persons with different attitudes, different stories and different interests.
I know the next will be better 🙂

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  1. Enjoying your travels with good photos and music. Keep it up.

    1. My best supporter 🙂
      Thank you my friend, hugs!


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