Take the time


I reached Incheon by ferry.
A gentle man at the info point helped me to catch the right bus to Seoul and wrote for me some instructions in Korean to find my hostel; thank you John.
I met several people on my way and I did all the steps showing my magic Korean paper.
I was walking in a unknown station trying to find the right negro line and I met Sungmin, that decided to guide me directly to the hostel; thank you man!
Finally I was comfortable at my hostel and I started to looking for my next step.
As Italian I don’t need visa to go to Japan, but I must have a return ticket, to assure I’m not intentioned to colonize the country.
That was a problem for me because I still didn’t know where to go after Japan, I cannot plan everything in advance.
So I tried to get Japanese visa, in a way to be able to go there relaxed and chose my way step by step.
I explained my point calling the Japanese embassy… No way, I must have a return ticket!
No ticket, no Japan!
No travel freedom, That upset me so much.
I learnt when the thinks don’t pass through its time to think about something else, its time to be relaxed and to smile, its time to take the time.
So I left the things flow…
I remembered about Jay, a Korean professor I met flying from Tehran to Dubai and Jun, that worked at the reception, helped me to contact him.
Well, we found him, he was very happy to hear me and he proposed me to get a speech at the University of Seoul.
I tough it was a great experience and a big honor for me, so I decided to do it and to stay longer in Korea.
With those new plans I had plenty of time to process some complicated things, so I decided to try to get another visa; Yong heard about my plans and became my great assistant.
He found what to do, where to go, he escorted me to the right office and when everything was done we went with his girlfriend to visit the Namdaemun door and to have a traditional lunch together.



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