From Burundi to Ruanda, in spite of the mistakes

I reached the border by mini bus and a woman proposed to help me.
So we went to the immigration office, where the police asked me to pay an extra-tax because they said my Burundian transit Visa was expired.
So I answered that the Visa was touristic instead of transit and I suggest them to read better what was written on my passport!
Who is the blind???
I gotten the reason and I continued my way without pay… then we walked to cross the border and we arrived in ruanda.
New country, new problem: my friend fielded my formulary at the other immigration office but my rwandan Visa started the 31th of August!
They made a mistake at the embassy, when I asked for the Visa!
So the police had to verify the situation, calling the embassy, and I lost my transport.
A guy came to me to assist me and after one hour, when the problems whith the documents has been resolved, he found a lift to Kigali, by another minibus… for free!
Thank you David!


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