Nice time in Bujumbura


Burundi, I have never been there before, as the other Africans countries as well.
I didn’t know what to expect from there, I only knew its a land of big lakes… Now I can also say it’s a land with a big heart!
The girl I met during the travel, Chimen, assisted me for three days, in which I went to the Ruanda’s embassy to get visa and then I enjoyed my time in Bujumbura, visiting Tanganica’s lake and also the town.
I also met Nestor, a good guy that helped me to find a sim crd and brought me to his uncles, Flora and Dêo, to spend the nights.
They as been amazing with me, it was difficult to communicate, I tried to smile as much as possible to show my gratitude, for the hospitality, for the food… For everything!
I also found a guy from Canada, Felix, that live in china; maybe I will meet him in the future.
To conclude, my time in Burundi has been amazing, I received peace and love. Thank you so much!



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