Searching my way to South America

Once I reached Panama City I needed to find an accommodation and I tried to get how to go to Colombia as well.
It seemed the people at the bus terminal didn’t know how to cross the Panama canal, except by plane.
It doesn’t matter, I can ask in another place, I though, the problem was that the only way I heard to leave the bus terminal was to take a taxi and I didn’t want to do that.
The assistants told me that, so I asked to somebody else and I found it was also possible to get a city bus… I’m so lucky!
I moved closer to the center and I started to search a solution for the night, it was weird that nobody never heard about hostels or cheap hotels… carry on.
I finally met Stephen from Colombia, he saw me walking alone and he came to offer me a help; we found a cheap pension, very good.
He was going back to Colombia, so I asked him how to get there… he told me he knew only by plane!
I thanked him and I had a rest, it was very hot.
I went out at evening, trying to meet somebody to talk and to ask informations.
It was really hard just to find somebody that knew where to find people, it was unreal: a guy told me to walk fifty meters to reach a good place where to find people, after about 800 meters I reached the place but somebody else told me it was just a residential area… I asked him where to find people and he brought me to a restaurant… at the restaurant I asked to the waiter where to find a pub and he told me there were no pub in Panama City… I wanted to give up!
I left the restaurant walking without a destination, finally the light: two guys from the restaurant heard what happened, they followed me and they accompanied me close to Uruguay street, really full of people.
My night was already done, I met two good persons and I got something good and funny.
I remembered I found on Internet it was possible to go from Colon by boat, so the day after I woke up early and I went there; I found a women on the street, she helped me to take a bus…. she was scared for me, she told me I shouldn’t travel alone.
I asked the reason, she said the people there are bad and the city is dangerous, especially the place I wanted to reach.
I every-time hear the same, it doesn’t matter if I tell the way I have done, they don’t listen, they don’t realize… I think they cannot really see!
I finally reached Portobello, where I found a very expensive touristic tour by fish boat… I was very disappointed, I anyway spoke with Capitan Jack, he explained me very well how to get the cheapest way to Colombia, I recorded him as well.
I finally had a plan, it was noon and I immediately started to the airport, but once reached the bus terminal somebody putted me on the bus to the international airport; it was too late when I realized that.
I arrived at the right airport at 7 pm, I started to move at 6 am… I was tired and a little frustrated: how is possible that the people here are so empty of informations?
Maybe I just should change where to search them… never mind, tomorrow is a new day!


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