Pura vida

Just arrived at the bus station, in Liberia, a taxi driver asked me if I needed to go somewhere, I answered I needed a cheap place where to spend the night, he told me he knew one; he told me it was only two hundred meters far away, so I decided to walk.
The driver asked me two dollars to bring me there but I already started to walk, then he followed me and it seemed he wanted to help me…, after few meters he said he could walk with me for one dollar.
I appreciated when the people try to help me, I appreciate less when some people try to get money in every way!
Anyway I told him I could find somebody else and he left me go alone.
And twenty meters after I met a sweet woman that spoke to me, she was surprised to see me there and she accompanied me to a hostel, smiling and without asking me money.
In those days it was raining, I just went to visit Coco Beach and I found a lot of helpful people, very kind.
On the last morning I was not satisfied because I didn’t catch many things to tell, I found a lot of beautiful people but sometimes it’s not easy to take the right time to film or to shoot.
So I left the hostel and I started to walk to the bus terminal, holding the phone with my left hand and filming, just to try… I found my good story from Liberia 🙂
Thank you Miguel!
In San Jose I found another hostel searching in Internet, I felt I was not completely ok and I didn’t want to get crazy to find a bed; good choice, arrived to the room I was still sick.
When I felt better I went to a shop to buy more lemons, I met a guy named Abdul, that assisted me to do everything and he escorted me back to the hostel.
The day after I went to the Italian embassy, my passport was almost full and I needed to ask suggestions; I found a lovely person to assist me, Mr Nello… another Italian that made me feel warm from my country.
One more day down and I decided to change strategy, then I though to buy some medicines.
I went out walking but once in the center it started to rain, a lot of water.
Some people rescued me, they found a taxi for me and they putted me into the car covering my head with a jacket; what a beautiful people, during a raining day.
I bought medicines, I went back to my place and I waited to feel better…


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