I hate disco-hostels!

After a night of travel I finally reached San Francisco.
I asked informations to find an accommodation at the bus station, they made me call a hostel, it was the only solution I found.
I walked about a hour from the Ferry Building, streets were very wide, nothing could give me reference points to guide me on my path, it was not easy.
I found few guys that told me where to go and I finally found the hostel.
It was a big hostel, with many floors, music everywhere, disco area… it offered many things to keep customers inside.
This is what I found in many hostels recently, this is what I hate!
I though if somebody really likes to travel and discover new places he would not like to find the same hostel whit the same people, in Australia as in Cambodia or in United States!
This is why, when Cristiano, the first evening, proposed me to travel with him to the south by car I immediately said yes!
People at the hostel were helpful anyway, specially Egidio, an Italian chef.
The second day I went to the Italian consulate to send some documents to Italy and I met mr. aldo, the notary.
He was extremely professional and kind, he sent my letters at the post office for me; I was proud of Italians once again.
Then I walked to my new hostel and along the way I met Willy, he helped me to find food and the right way to my destination.
Finally I visited the city with Cristiano…


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