City of angels

In this city everything was super easy, except public transports!
Before to arrive I was contacted by Internet from a woman that lives here., she offered me her hospitality and I accepted.
Annalisa was amazing: she came to pick me up at the station, she gave me food, she showed me the city as a touristic guide, she helped me giving me contacts and she shared with me her time.
So I did a radio interview with Daniele and at Nicole’s transmission, that offered us to stay at her home closer to the beach.
Then I met Tatiana, so funny and cool, I also met Stephen, a great athlete that made me fall in love with a new amazing sport.
And finally Silvia, another Annalisa’s friend, she hosted me a couple of days and she accompanied me to take the bus, on the last day.
I had amazing time with all of those people, in Hollywood boulevard as at Venice beach, where we took some pictures and videos about crazy life there.
I was threaded so much, too much, so one night I went out alone trying to find my own way.
I experienced how public transport’s network is bad in Los Angeles, but I was anyway cared by somebody, somewhere, somehow, every time I was lost; it took me only three hours to cover about ten kilometers!
I walked alone through some places where I met black and south American people, I felt very safe, they made me feel very safe, they were lovely with me.
After I knew I was in a pour and very dangerous areas: people are bad there… if you know it!
Thank you to everybody, I had good time, my last good time in California, and I started to feel sounds latino…


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