Another magic river

As I did close to the end of my African tour I couldn’t miss the opportunity to miss a great river, Amazon River. When I was in Natal Gabriele told me I could take a ferry from Belem to Manaus, about 5 days and it was very cheap as well. So, just arrived to Belem I went immediately to the arbor, to get some informations, but when I left the bus, right in front of the port, the first word I heard it was ” Manaus? ” , it was a guy that was asking me if I was taking the way to Manaus, my mouth pronounced ” Yes ” without thinking, I thought to stop a couple of days there but everything came so natural! After the ticket I bought an hammock, where I would have slept, and I waited some hours to go. Everybody very kind with me, somebody arranged my hammock close to the toilet, that great adventure started, I was so excited! Unfortunately a man jumped off the first night, somebody said it was drunk, someone else said that it was sad because the wife betrayed him, what I know is that we lost half day waiting for the police’s procedure. Anyway, I was very enthusiastic and I didn’t wait too long to meet some friends: a Brazilian guy came to talk with me in the upper floor, he gave me important travel suggestion, then I found other friends, as Marcelo Augusto, that introduced me Erica and Camila, I had good time with them. And exactly as it happened on the Nilo river, I found guys from Chile! Almost everybody there were Brazilians, it was nice to talk Spanish with Cristopher, his wife Natalie from London, Gabriel and Camila. And I also enjoyed to talk with Lendria, Nhiadria, her mother and other friends, everybody so nice and helpful, that river didn’t disappointed me, very good people and very good energies, I just wished to stay longer with them. I spent more time only with Gabriel and Camila, that stopped a day there before to continue their trip; when we reached Manaus it was evening and we found a hostel near the bus terminal to rest for the night. I briefly visited the city with them the day after, because my back was suffering after five nights on the hammock, they brought my clothes to the laundry and at night I accompanied them to get their bus to Boa Vista. I would have done the same trip the day before, I needed to sleep in a real bed one more night! Thanks so much to everybody, thanks mostly to the Amazon River, it was a real pleasure!


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