Italian holidays in Natal

Dante and Maddalena are Davide and Enrico’s parents, friends of mine, all from my city and they have a holidays’s house in Pititinga, a small village not far from Natal.

Without planning anything I reached Natal just when they were there, so I gave to myself some days of pure relaxing, lazy and Italian time.
Yes, because I also met Liliana and Enzo, Dante and Maddalena’s neighbors, Gianna and Giorgio, other friends and Tiziana, a cool Italian woman.
I must mention Also Andrea, the driver that brought me to Pititinga, because we immediately found a good feeling, he appreciated my story and he did what he could do to assist me about the steps before.
Anyway, I learnt what a great chef Dante is, every single day I received something delicious and his jokes were absolutely amazing to digesting!
I also learnt the talent of Maddalena about photography… it was not me, obviously, but the many friends that liked the picture I posted.
Thanks to Giorgio because he left me spread panic with his dune buggy on the beach, with Dante as navigator and Maddalena as passenger, I really enjoyed it!
Thanks to the rest of the group to have been so Italians, I was missing my culture.
During those days I also met Gabriele and Dino, other Italians that were staying in Natal for a while, so when I left Pititinga I went to their hotel and I also met Sergio, Lorenzo and Adazilma.
All of them so kind, helpful and funny, I enjoyed Italian style once again, listening Lorenzo’s adventures, Gabriele’s experiences, with his good pasta as well and Dino’s music.
Adazilma invited me to tell about my travel at her Rotary club, I thought it was another good opportunity to spread a not panic message, I found many interested people.
That pause charged me and my belly as well, I love Italian people 🙂

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  1. Hermosas fotos!! wuao…


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