Bahia, the origin

During the travel to Porto Seguro I was helped by Paulo, a kind man that was traveling with her daughter Maria Antonia; once we reached our destination they proposed me to go with them, then I could take a room in the same place where they already had a reservation.
This city is the point from where the colonization of Brazil started, so I thought that I should have found interesting places; somebody told me about the historic center, I decided to visit it and I met Fernanda on the way, she accompanied me to the beginning of the site.
Some guides came to propose me their services, telling about their passion about that place; I briefly told them about my travel and I explained I wanted to take some pictures about their beautiful country but that I couldn’t pay for that… it seemed that their passion was related about money: they went to sit!
I started to walk alone and I immediately met a man that escorted me close to the real center by car; here I met Igor, very helpful, I take a videos and photos thanks to him.
I already had a bus ticket to the next destination, i should have waited about four more hours, it was very hot and Igor suggested me to wait in the shopping center.
I went there by taxi, I didn’t know what to do, I just needed to spend some hours… and I met Veruska!
She saw me lost, she asked me what I was searching for, I told her about the bus, so she invited me to join her and her friends.
I was almost impressed, I exactly found what I needed! Our mind is really powerful!
Relaxing time with three beautiful girls, after they brought me to the bus station, lovely 🙂
I traveled all the night, once again I met Maria Antonia, she proposed me the same thing but that time I preferred to take my time, to have a good breakfast and to go with the flow of Salvador; that flow took me to Lapa, in the city center, where I found an accommodation.
Everybody very helpful and also worried about terrible things that could happen to me: the first night I went for dinner in a place fifty meters far from my hostel, then I moved fifty meters more to have a beer and all the time somebody escorted me as a bodyguard, telling me that there were bad people around.
On the second day I visited Pelourinho, an historic neighborhood of Salvador.
I went there alone, I refused the same guides, what’s interesting to tell about visiting a nice place with a guide?
I prefer to tell you that I did it thanks to Emmanuelle, a lovely traveler that came to me when I was lost in the middle of the square.
I filmed typical artists playing music, carnival is coming…

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  1. Hey alessandro!

    I finally found your blog, I’m now back in London and missing Brazil so much..
    I hope your travelling is going ok and thanks for this blog : its giving me so many nice memories of Bahia and what you’re doing is so inspiring !


    1. What a pleasure, Emmanuelle! I’m so sorry, it should be hard from here to there… what about the weather? Well, I think I’ll personally know soon… thanks to you, for some short, nice time that you gave me 😉 hugs!


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