I don’t believe my eyes

Coincidences don’t exist, I can confirm it once again.
I was walking in Lapa, a neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro and a guy came to talk to me… initially I didn’t understand what the hell he could want from me, but after few seconds he mentioned New Zeland, Wellington, ” We met there a year ago… “.
He definitely obtained all my attention, so I asked his name… Adouto! I cannot believe that, Adouto!!
I hugged him, I told about him just some weeks before to my friend of Botucatu, Fernando!
Of course I remember you my friend, I couldn’t forget such a good person!
After a couple of minutes where I tried to understand if it was really happening we went to a bar to celebrate that amazing and incredible event.
I’m very glad to met you again, Adouto!
That was very important for me, it made me remind about New Zeland a year ago, how many months passed, how many kilometers, how many beautiful people I met so far…
I realized it was time to keep going and to continue to meet good people as him, telling about them.
Thank you once again my friend, see you again in the future, somewhere 🙂


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