Beautiful casualties

I was on the bus on the way to Maceió, I received good sensations from the woman  sited close to me and I decided to start a conversation with her… she was waiting for that I guess. Thank you sweet Neuza!
In Maceió I went to the area that my new friend suggested me, I caught a bus for that and the driver was really helpful, he stopped just in front a bed&breakfast, where I found my room; I went out at night to eat something, can you guess what the guy at the reception told me about the place?
It’s very dangerous outside! Full of bad people!
I’m starting to be sick of that… anyway I went out, I found food but I didn’t find coconut water, that was very sad for me.
On the way back to my place I met some guys in a square, they decided to escort me to my place because they said that somebody was following me… maybe!
I didn’t find many interesting things to do, only walking along the beach, so after two nights I went to the bus terminal to leave Maceió… was everything taken for all the day, I didn’t know what to do!
I was waiting for something, so Ainara and Fernando cane.
She wanted to leave as well, Fernando was a friend and a taxi driver; after a short chat she proposed me to wait until the day after, then to go with her to Recife… I thought it was a great idea, so it’s what happened!
We spent the day together and we met Regina, a funny and crazy girl.
Once arrived to Recife I left my bag in the bus terminal, I didn’t have any place for the night and I thought that be without any weight it could be easier, also because the carnival!
The carnival, what a crazy situation! A lot of people and music, everywhere!
After some hours I was really sick of that, I was like alone surrounded by thousand of people!
Deafening noise and confusion are my worst enemies, I cannot understand anything, so, at 2 A.M. I decided to go to the bus terminal and leave the place.
Somebody described me how to catch a bus, walking to a bus stop some girls came to me… some Angels, some beautiful angels!
Juliana, Sioneide and other girls accompanied me to the bus stop, but it was crowded, they felt not relaxed leaving me there, so they invited me to rest for the night in their apartment, then I could get to the terminal easily on the daytime.
It was a real pleasure for me meeting all those nice persons, it’s impossible for me remember everybody… I cannot forget a name for sure: Maria Luisa, my little, sweet new friend.
During the day after she took care of me all the time, I was a bit sad when I took the train to the terminal, but glad because I met something so good and so incredible, once again.
Thank you so much


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