The gathering

From Rio Gallegos to Buenos Aires it’s a long way, about 36 hours by bus, so I decided to split the journey and I stopped in Puerto Madryn.
Just arrived there I met Gloria, she came to help me crossing a street, so she found an accommodation and a restaurant for me; before to leave she gave me her number, just in case.
At night I met Maximiliano, we went out together to eat and I met him again on the street, the day after, while I was walking to the beach; he accompanied me there but we didn’t find any wales, I only took some pictures.
In the afternoon I went to the bus terminal to check about travels to the capital city, when I arrived there I decided to leave with the first run, I really wanted to reach Buenos Aires soon!
I traveled all the night and I reached the bus terminal on Friday.
I met a kind man there, he was worried about me, we walked together to the metro station, during the way I told him my story, when he left me he wished me good luck:
” Suerte loco! ”
I felt happy, I felt full of energies, I felt something amazing was coming…
Several lovely people made me reach the Obelisk, right in the center and a hostel.
One year ago I met Stefano, in Kuala Lumpur, before to reach Buenos Aires he wrote me to go to the hostel of Nora and Fernando, his friends; they were lovely, hosting me for free.
After I went to the office they told me in Ushuaia, for the first time I talked with somebody that really listened to me, mrs. Silvina gave me a lot of information and I felt excited, my goal was coming closer, I only had to wait a answer and keep my finger crossed.
At night I was in a bar and I met a very special group of people: the family of Chavrez.
Leo, Margarita, Gabriela and el Negro, they became my family in Buenos Aires!
Another great man joined us, later: German, an old friend of Leo and it seemed just a coincidence he came that night but everybody agreed coincidence doesn’t exist.
The day after they brought me to a special celebration: la Fiesta del Inmigrante,
where I got the sound from so many places of the world, in the same place… amazing!
I also met another friend: Marcelo, with her wife and his lovely and tireless daughter Julia.
I’m not tireless, so on Sunday I had a rest.
My friend Daniele told me his parents were there, I met Luigi and Brunella on Monday, we had a delicious lunch together and I really enjoyed the time with them, such a great moment!
It was a pleasure Mr and Mrs Cassioli.
On the afternoon I had a date with Silvina, the helpful girl I met in Ushuaia a couple of week before, we had a nice cup of tea and we took more pictures.
Later I met Simona, another friend of Stefano, that guy is full of friends!
Good vibrations from the beginning with her.
Simona was traveling trough Chile and Argentina because she’s rich 🙂
I took that opportunity to practice my Italian, I’loosing it!
I met her on tuesday as well, after a long and funny afternoon I left her to meet David and Annelise, the couple I knew some months ago in Ecuador; nice dinner, nice time, I spent the night at their home because I’m lazy and I enjoyed their company 🙂
Simona again on Wednesday, I love talking with her!
At night dinner with Leo, Marcelo, his sweet Erica and Margarita, that she cooked delicious food, I ate so much at I needed to spend the night outside once again, I’m very lazy!
During the next days I met Mariana, a sweet girl from Venezuela, she was in the hostel and we went walking together, she cooked a very good arepa… and I think I will meet her again soon…
Can you guess it? I continued meeting Simona, my Italian was really bad!
I continued meeting Leo and Margarita, my Buenos Aires’s family is so nice!
And I met Silvina the last time before to leave, another cup of tea with my great not touristic guide 🙂
So many amazing people in such a beautiful city, a magic city.
I went to another special place, a friend told me I couldn’t leave Argentina without to go there…


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