Before to leave Argentina

A friend told me I couldn’t leave Argentina without visiting this place…
I was walking with my camera on, after a while somebody came and brought me where I needed; when I was getting my room I thought I stopped to record, my camera was still filming instead!
I linked the audio, it’s interesting how the people are usually scared about neighboring countries, most of the time they just suppose a reality that they don’t really know… I will demonstrate it.
Anyway, the second day I went to the national park, the staff told me I could have a guide but luckily I found something better: Cristina is a lovely woman from Rosario, she was visiting Iguazu whit her daughter Ivana, they proposed me to with them, that is amazing, it was exactly what I wished!
We explored the park all the day, I took some videos but unfortunately I lost the pictures, I hope it’s possible to get the power of that place!
I’m also very happy because I met again coatis, I met it the first time when I visited the Peruvian jungle…
Thanks so much to my two great assistant, I did my visit and I was ready to verify about the next dangerous country…



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