Peruvian beaches and desert

At the border between Ecuador and Perù I found a very helpful guy to fill my application form, I tried to film what happened; thank you Claude and thanks to your wife too.
Once arrived to Piura I needed to decide what to do, I firstly took a mototaxi to go to change money and talking with the driver I thought I could continue to another better city, it was still early in the morning.
Back to the bus terminal I found the French couple again, there were other people with them, everybody on the way to Chiclayo, so I joined them.
From the beginning Stefany helped me, she was really kind.
We reached the city still in the morning, we needed to find an accommodation, Stef was better organized than me and I went with her to a hostel, leaving the other guys.
That day we quickly visited Chiclayo, we went to an information point asking about nice beaches not very far and we decided to go to Huanchaco together, maybe to do some surf.
We spent two nice days there, my new friend was really lovely with me, she was always ready to help me… I was a bit afraid to be boring, so I did surfing to show her how I can be funny splashing into the water; she was great with the waves, instead.
The last night I proved her I was not joking when I told her I have a particular kind of magnet, that attracted to us two funny guys and on the way back to the hostel we were invited for a drink from two nice other guys, Juan and Leo… we had a strange hut enjoyable night I think.
The day after I decided to go to Ica, Stef told me it’s possible to do sand boarding there, I was curious to try it.
Thank you very much my friend, you are lovely and amazing, I appreciated the short holiday with you.
At evening I went back to Trujillo to take a bus to Ica, once left the minibus two women came to me asking what I needed, so they accompanied me to find the right place.
They were extremely kind, it took at list half an hour to get to the right bus company and buy the ticket; during the way I told them about my gravel, I think I impressed them.
I took a picture with Pilar and Helen, I thanked those lovely women and I waited to leave.
But a hour later Pilar came back with her husband, she wanted to be sure I could take the bus and she gave me some biscuits and drinks for the travel.
In that moment it was me the impressed one, I cannot tell you how I felt, grateful maybe, maybe happy… I was very touched.
Thank you Pilar, you cannot know how much important was what you did to me, thank to your husband William too, you are two beautiful persons.
And what about sand boarding?
Well, from my point of view it’s just a stupid toy for tourists Christ tourists, maybe if you are organized better than I was you could enjoy the dunes, because the ridiculous board I received, because the organization of the excursion, I didn’t feel I was doing a sport.
Anyway the desert was amazing, enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Hola Alessandro, soy Pilar de Trujillo Perú. Quería expresarte mi gratitud, ya que conocerte ha sido una experiencia enriquecedora para mí; y estoy muy contenta de tener noticias tuyas y que finalmente tus planes en Perú resultaron bien. Ojalá en el futuro podamos reencontrarnos… a lo mejor podrías conocer a mi hija. Probablemente ella pase Navidad cerca de Pádua, en el pueblo de su novio. Según me dice no debería estar tan lejos de Verona. Un abrazo grande y los mejores deseos para ti.

    1. Me querida Pilar, no se dónde esto viaje vas a llegarme, de seguro me encantaría mucho compartir una alegra cena con tico y su familia, un día. Un abrazo de vida!


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