Friends for my birthday

In the last days I was busy to think about how and where to spend my birthday, I wished to be surrounded by friends.
I arrived to Loja, close to the border with Perù and after found a good accommodation I walked to the center, trying to meet somebody interesting.
I think my mind was working very well because I immediately met Fernando, a very good guy that live there; he accompanied me to a saloon and he talked me in a very funny way.
Once arrived we found his cousin with two more friends, so I spent a nice evening with them.
I planned with Patty and Flores To go to dance the day after, for my birthday… unfortunately on Thursday they told me they were busy., I anyway went out to have fun but Initially it seemed I would not have spent a happy birthday night, every time I reached a place where I couldn’t find people which by to enjoy the time.
Sometimes we have to be perseverant, sometimes we have to fight for our wishes… at the end I succeeded: I was walking in a bars area and I found Eva, Andrea and Marius, they asked me what I was looking for and when I told them about my birthday they decided to spend the night with me.
It was a really funny celebration, they even tried to find a cake but at the end we had just tacos… it was anyway lovely.
Thank you so much girls, I couldn’t expect a better birthday!
I also planned to travel with them on the day after, to go closer to the border, but as the day before something didn’t work and I was alone again.
Never give up, at evening I went to the bus terminal to buy a ticket to go to Perù and I found a very friendly man, he accompanied me to a restaurant and he admired me for what I was doing, he encouraged me a lot with lovely words… for me it was an amazing meeting, I felt happy and I was really satisfied about my birthday.
At the restaurant they played the birthday song for me and they gave me a piece of cake as a present; I bought good white wine, I also think that sometimes you have to be the author of your dreams!


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