Colombian holidays in Ecuador

Sometimes we just need to think about what we wish and ask it at the universe before to fall asleep.
I needed a group of friend for a couple of days and I received soon a proposal from the family of the hostel where I was lodged; the day after I was at the beach surrounded by lively and funny people.
I spent almost a week between Salinas and montañeta, with Fernando and Liliana, the bosses, Darly the sister, Camila the little girl, Luisa the nanny for the kids ( and probably also for me ) and Marysol, that assisted me in the kitchen but not in a very collaborating way… she couldn’t believe that ten minutes of boiling water could be enough to cook pasta… I cannot tell you how to dance salsa, so let me do my Italian attitude baby 😉
I really felt a friendly atmosphere, it was great to bring Fernando on the bad way, to learn about underwear from Liliana, survive the giant waves with Sofia, walk with the sweet and curious Camila and to listen to how Darly can face the nightlife in Montañeta… asquerosa!!
Thanks so much guys, I really enjoyed my time with all of you!
I’m still scared by Colombian girls, it will remain my own problem I guess.


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