Dreaming to be a lyric singer in Cuenca

Somebody could say I’m doing the same things in every place… well, its true, I’m trying to find good people everywhere.
Maybe it’s boring, for me instead it’s amazing that also in Cuenca I found what I searched, from the first hours!
From the bus terminal I started to walk somewhere to find something interesting to tell and after five minutes a woman left her car and came to me, she was worried looking me walking in that place, she said it was dangerous because the people there are bad and she offered me a lift by car, her husband and her daughter Martina were waiting for us.
I tried to explain that the people there were not so bad because I definitely found somebody good that were helping me to find an accommodation… she smiled.
I settled my stuff in my new room and I went out for dinner; I’m telling a boring story, so obviously I found kind people that accompanied me to a restaurant.
I felt lucky so I wanted to find something more, something funny… and I found Annalisa that proposed me a karaoke night with friends: here we go David, Eddy and Silvana.
I spent several days there, I also met and Italian guy that’s running a pizza shop, delicious ovviously; I anyway warn you: if you go to Luca don’t ask him any sauce to put on his pizza, it’s a shame and he knows it very well!
Thanks to all the guys I met in that nice city, especially to Silvana, she showed me many places and I really spent lovely time with her, also singing some impossible songs of Andrea Bocelli at the karaoke bar.
Time is short so I left soon, I keep everything in my heart.

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  1. I am still traveling with you and loving all those wonderful people that you meet along the way.


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