A friendly door

Puerto Ordaz, only a quick break, I thought, but I couldn’t guess what an incredible person I would have found here.

I got a hostel in the night by taxy, the place was fine, just a small problem: Mosquitos! They letter ally ate me!

So the day after I went to a shopping mole to buy a repellent; I was walking around to find somebody that could assist me… I crossed the threshold of a small shopping, only few steps to realized that, so I went back on my way  and I left the place.

Only few steps, it was enough to find my good time there.

Yes, because the clerk decided to help me: when Angelo stopped me I thought he was somebody of the security staff, because the way so helpful he did with me; he escorted me to search a repellent but we didn’t succeeded with it, nowadays Venezuela is like this, it’s so hard to find even toilet paper!

And it was so easy for me to find a good friend, thanks to him I found many good people and Puerto Ordaz is like a home city now.

Angelo accompanied me to a bar, as I asked, but after a while he came back, proposing me to stay in his shop, where I could connected to the wi-fi; I met Kellyser and Betsabe there, I was treated very well, so I spent many hours with them during my staying in that city.

Angelo was so friendly and careful that I decided to stop longer, I changed accommodation to move closer him and far away from the Mosquitos, every days he was ready to help me, despite his job full time, thanks to his boss Kellyser as well.

Well, I had good time with my new brother and Betsabe, I met new friend at ten shopping mole as Yianna, Angelo’s mother; then Danylsa and Jhonselin, workmates of Yianma, Dayana, Luis, Naidee at a birthday party… I didn’t want to go!

But something and somebody were waiting for me in another city.

Anyway the world is round, who knows? Maybe I’ll be back soon!

So, this is just a bye-bye



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