A real Venezuelan

Last November, in Buenos Aires, I met a woman from Venezuela, do you remember Mariana?

Well, she lives close to Caracas and I needed to go to the capital city to get a new passport… of course, I was attracted there, everybody were telling me that Caracas is like hell… what a crazy temptation!

I’m not searching risks, I just want to prove that it’s possible to find something good everywhere.

I reached the bus terminal in the early morning, I asked to the driver to leave me in Guatire, where Mariana lives, 30 kilometers after the capital, but he didn’t stop because it’s too dangerous to stop in the night.

So I was alone in the bus terminal, a woman waited close to me until the sunrise, she told me that the place was full of bad people… I told her that I wasn’t feeling in danger, the people around me were friendly and helpful!

At 8 o’clock I take a taxi to the Italian consulate, I found great people there, I obtained my document in only a hour!

Thank so much to Mrs Daniela and to all the staff there!

So easy, so quickly, I went to another embassy and I obtained the visa without any problem, it was just a lucky day!

At noon I took a bus to Guarenas, to meet my friend; I arrived there and my holidays started: Mariana was extremely lovely, I really found a familiar atmosphere, thanks also to Joalis, my salsa’s teacher, thanks to her daughter Yoandra and to Jennifer, my personals nurses for when I was sick.

I also had a run in a local pub, as an Italian advertisement told few years ago… marketing power!

I also visited the Avila National Park with Mariana, amazing… I found the same smell the I felt when I did skydiving, smell of sky and clouds.

I also visited a small town on the Avila mountain, with Yoandra and Jennifer: Galipán.

After 10 days I decided to move to another city, San Cristóbal, where I found an old skydiving friend.

I spent another 10 days with Oscar, I met her sister Carla… or Francesca… maybe Luisa.

I also had fun with other friends of Oscar: Herman from Spain, Alex, Daimara and Angelica, I still have lovely memories.

Oscar told me that I cannot leave Venezuela without experience the two most popular activities here: waiting in the line and selling fuel to Colombia!

I did both, I’m a real Venezuelan now 🙂

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  1. You are my hero man!


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