Connections in San Pedro

And I finally reached Cile, the last country on the Pacific Coast.
The driver of the minibus I caught in Bolivia brought me near to the center, he tried to help me to get money from the ATM but something didn’t work… somebody suggested me to try to get money from a bar, using my credit card, so I went to the main square to do that; unfortunately I didn’t find anybody who was able to help me in that way.
It was noon, i was thirsty and I needed money.
After another bar that refused my request a woman heard my problems and she told me she knew how to use an European card: Joselin is from Cile and she lives with her husband Rudolph in Holland, she was exactly the person I needed.
After that she was so kind proposing to bring me to the hostel where they were lodged, I haven’t found an accommodation yet.
Once arrived at the place I found a lovely receptionist and while we were arranging everything for my staying I met two more new friends: Marcelo and Camila saw me in the desert a couple of days before, my italian friends were taking an amazing picture of me on a rock; they were surprised to see me again, I was too about what they told me, so they invited me to have a lunch together. What a beautiful persons… and what a delicious food!
Happy because our bellies full we went back to the hostel, talking about to meet again in the evening maybe, and I went to my room… ops! I tried to reach it, but the path was not what is appropriated for a blind, let’s say it was a labyrinth, then I lost myself!
It took me about half hour to find the reception, I was a bit nervous and I asked to the sweet girl for leave that place, Maca she confirm herself as a lovely person and she pointed me on the way for another hostel.
I walked asking for that place to the people I met, after a while a men accompanied me to the hostel I told him… this is what I though.
Unfortunately that new place was really expensive… that was strange!
Anyway Alonso was a gentle man and accompanied me to another cheaper accommodation.
At evening another delicious meal with my two new Brazilian friends.
The second day I went to buy the ticket to leave San Pedro, I felt it was already time to go.
I asked help to a girl I heard talking on the street, she accompanied me to the bus company; because I found her interesting I proposed her to meet at night, she accepted.
I spent the rest of my day buying some gifts for my special angels, so, after my shopping, I tried to find Alonso at his hotel.
It’s funny, I found another Alonso to help me to find the first one; we went tho the hostel I told him, but I found it was not the same place of the day before… I finally understood what happened: the first time, the men who brought me to the hostel, he didn’t find the place I told him… so I didn’t know how to find the first Alonso!
No problem, the second Alonso was very patient and we search around for a couple of hours… at the end we succeeded!
I was tired but satisfied, I thanked the Alonsos and I went quickly back to my hostel, to be ready for the last night.
I planned with Marcelo and Camila to meet more forward, when my way will cross their city.
At the end of the dinner I met Patty, she entries iced me some friends and we spent a crazy night around the Desert of Atacama.
The day after I filmed some minutes while I walked to the bus terminal: in a few meters I met several helpful people, to gave me the right direction… but I don’t understand why they use up and down instead of right and left!!!
I anyway reach my destination, also thanks to the last angel of San Pedro: Fernando escorted me for the last meters and he gave me his contact, just in case I would need anything.

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  1. It was very nice meeting you in Atacama Ale, I hope to see you soon here in Brazil, our friends are also eager to meet you, have a nice trip and a lot of stories, hugs Marcelo (Brasil)

    1. My dear, it will be a real pleasure to meet you again!
      Hugs for you and kisses for your lady 😉


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