An old friend, a recent friend, and new friends

I met him for the first time in Sudan, the second time in Istambul… he lives in Santiago del Cile, so I met Jorge there for the third time.
He hosted me for a few days in his family house, his parents treat me as a special guest and what I liked more is that it always was the time to eat bread and avocado!
Do you remember I met Felipe, in Cuzco?
He lives in Pichilemu, not too far from Santiago, so I went to visit him.
I spent a crazy week with him and his friends, everybody very cool and what mostly impressed me all of them were great musicians!
We had a lot of fun and good music around the fire, every night… I experienced the ” Fogada Institute “, amazing feeling.
I gonna try to remember all of them: Jacinta, Costancia, Ismael and Victor the flatmates, Javiera ” la Negra “, thanks to taking care of me when I was lost!
Santiago ” l’Uruguayo “, Tomacito, Ismael, thanks for your great birthday party, Daniel, thank you to made me lose the way at the birthday party; Leon, the beautiful dog of Daniel, Ryan, Craig, thanks to you the guys got a new song: l’auto del Craig!
I had a nice conversation with Ismael’s father, a real cool man, thanks to Isabela, another amazing birthday party and your mother is incredible!
At that party I met Miguel, he heard I was traveling around Cile so he invited me to visit his city, Valparaiso.
And thanks to Felipe for everything, we tried to surf together but the waves of Pichilemu are too hard for a beginner as I am; anyway I experienced how cold is the sea there!
After Pichilemu I went to Valparaiso, when I arrived Miguel was not there yet, his flatmates Hams, Sergio and Eduardo received me as a friend.
They were busy with the university, so I went alone to visit Viña del Mar, where I met Viviana and her daughter Valentina while I was searching for a coffee shop; they accompanied me to a good one and we shared a short, nice time together.
Walking around Viña’square I met Salvador, he invited me to drink a soda and he told me interesting stories about his life between Santiago and Cile; I just tried to explain him why I don’t agree about the fact that Cile is a dangerous country, it’s hard for me to understand why so many people are convinced the world is mostly a bad place… I’m proving that it’s not so true, right now… and they cannot open their eyes!
Never mind, I’ll go on and I’ll do something stronger.
I went back to the capital city to go on with my path, I met another friend: Joselin that I met in San Pedro just some weeks before, proposed me to stay at her brother’s house, so I met Alonso, he was very kind with me, and we had a lovely dinner all together; it was a pleasure to see you again my dear!
Last days before to move another step… Alonso is architect, he suggested me to visit Cristobal hill, so I went there and I found a special guide only for me: Carla.
She assisted me to get off from the cableway and then she stayed with me, helping me to take some nice pictures.
I will hopefully meet her again in some next step…


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