Lasts Pacific steps

I have a dream, I traveled until the bottom of Cile to try to get it.
When I was in Santiago I found the best way to reach the south was to go to Puerto Montt by bus and then I should have choose how to continue between plane or boats and bus, crossing some islands.
It is definitely true that’s not easy to travel trough south Cile, there is not a road that brings you to the bottom, there are just islands… once arrived in Puerto Montt my first worry was to search for a ship, so I immediately asked about that at the bus terminal; somebody told me to walk for a couple of blocks, at the end I walked more than a hour along a street where I didn’t find many people, anyway the few I found helped me to reach the naval office.
The cost to go to the south by ship was much more than going by plane, so I took my choice.
The lady at the office accompanied me kindly to catch a sharing car, in a way to get to the main square, where I could buy the plane ticket.
I found the airline office by the people I met, as usual, once again the lady I found there was very kind, she suggested me a place where to spend the night.
Nothing exciting in this city, it was just a quick step, I was tired after a whole night traveling by bus… I anyway found everybody friendly and I appreciated my short staying there.
The next morning I went to the airport, thanks to random people I met on the street, and I caught my plane.
During the flight I had a very special meeting: a couple from Costa Rica was getting a holiday, we had a nice talk and before to leave they told me I found a new family in San Jose, I must go to visit them, one day; thank you Rosemary and thank to your husband.
So I arrived to Punta Arenas, the lowest area of Cile; once there I started to search about my dream.
I went to knock to many different doors but every time somebody answered they couldn’t help me, what I was searching it was very difficult… exactly, very difficult, not impossible, so each time they redirected me to another door I tried.
I continued my research for all the afternoon and I didn’t obtain what I wanted… it doesn’t matter, I did my best and I anyway had another place where to search again.
Then I found a hostel where to stay some more days, I still needed a good story to tell.
I definitely found a good one just on the way to the hostel: I was walking beside the street and a man came to help me, when I told him I was going to Avenida Independencia he proposed to bring me there by his car; Ricardo is running a fish shop and he invited me to visit him sometimes.
During the next days I wondered about what I could do, I would have liked to reach Puerto Williams, the most austral town of the world, or take a tour to get to the Cruz des Los Mares, paddling by kayak, but everything was organized by tour operators, everything was absolutely expensive.
Walking around the city I found friendly and helpful people, the weather was cold and mostly windy.
One night I was going back to the hostel, after a dinner, it was late, nobody outside because the wind was getting stronger, I walked folded because I didn’t want to be blowed away… and a guy came to help me, he was really surprised to see a blind walking alone during a crazy night and a bit worried as well.
Well, I didn’t fell in dagger, I was anyway happy about that meeting, also because after a while Alexis told me he worked in a bar very close to a tour operator and he suggested me something interesting to do.
The morning after I went to visit him at his bar, after a mice breakfast he accompanied me to get informations about tours and at the end he offered me one; he also assisted me to change money for my next country.
Let me tell you man, you are a cool guy!
In the afternoon I visited Fuerte Bulnes, where the colonization of Cile started.
It was a nice and interesting tour, I took some pictures, from one of those you can also see my next destination…


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