Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; since I was young I was attracted from this city and frog this country, maybe because the name that sounds exotic for me.

What I found it was completely different than I expected, amazing anyway.
What I found remind me a bit of Africa and a bit of Europe… when I arrived to Kuala Lumpur by bus it was night and the driver assisted me until a taxi driver came to me, but he asked me a ridiculous price and when I told it that he disappeared, leaving me alone in the middle of the street.
So I tried to find a direction to follow, but I still was in an open space and it was not so easy.
Someone came to me, as usually, but that time someone very special.
It was a guy from Sudan named Sunshine and after few seconds it appeared one more person, a girl, his girlfriend.
Then I started to walk with sunshine and vera, from Germany and they accompanied me to the hostel I found before, searching on Internet, and it was beside to their hostel.
They were absolutely helpful and since the beginning I felt like with close friends.
We stayed together the day after, they helped me to buy the ticket for my next destination and for everything I needed.
During my time in Kuala Lumpur I found help also from an Egyptian guy, Mukha, from an English tall and blond girl, from many local people I met when I went alone to China Town market, searching for some food.
A couple of french which by I went for some shopping.
I found also an Italian guy, Stefano, one night at the hostel.
We immediately found a good feeling and we went out together after five minutes.
The gay after we visited the city, the Twin Towers and the KL Tower, we moved around the places for few hours, very funny time!
I’m also sure I will meet Stefano somewhere in the world during my travel.
The last morning my two carefully friends accompanied me to take the bus to Singapore, I took a video with them despite Vera was shy 🙂
I’m sure I will meet those guys in the future as well.
Lovely special persons, I don’t have different words to describe them.
Thank you my friends
Ciao sumar 😉


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