Traveling to Malaysia

Thai 1 – From The Train To The Office

Thai 2 – At the office

Thai 3 – Food

I traveled to the south of Thailand by train, heading to Malaysia.
I couldn’t take a direct train from Bangkok to kKuala Lumpur, so I went to Hat Yai, from where I wanted to continued by train.
It’s already seven months that I’m traveling and I learnt how sometimes the thighs work, I know that if there are different ways to travel the people could push you to chose the most expensive, I learnt that if they say ” full ” it could be they want to fill something else… So, I use my weapons and I can pretend to be stupid and to don’t understand; most of the time it’s a good technique!
I recorded what happened from when I reached the station until I finally found the way to continue my path.
The persons I met were helpful and funny anyway, despite they didn’t let me take the train, I’m almost sure it was possible.
Never mind, they brought me to a place where I found some cheap food and they also gave me a lift to the bus station, where I finally went on whit my way.
Do you want to know something?
The bus was definitely not full!
To travel is a good way to learn to live 🙂


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