Crazy, fascinating Bali


Crazy time in this crazy city!
I was in a very turistic area with hat cars and motorbikes everywhere, it was not easy for me walking along the streets.
I anyway met a lot of interesting people.
The first night I went out I was walking on the street surrounded by cars and motorbikes, I had some problems and a girl called Bell helped me to escape from that situation; she brought me to a restaurant with her friends.
The day after I met a friendly guy from turkey when I was in a place to eat a good pizza and he came to me to have a conversation; after I left the place walking to the beach, but a waiter followed me by scooter and brought me to my destination.
Then the surfing friends at monkey bar: Jhon, monkey, suri and all the others…
On Saturday night, when I still was having problems with the traffic, a girl came to me proposing to join her and her friends in a bar; after, when I came back to my hotel, a stupid drunk stepped on my stick and he broke it.
That was anyway the reason that made me meet Markus and Jimmy, from Sweden, at the hotel; they tried to fixed my stick and we had a funny conversation.
On Sunday evening I met Anna, we had a nice dinner together and the day after we participated to a bar-quiz, unfortunately we didn’t win.
Brake through: during my last night I was thinking to remain at the hotel but a lonely girl attracted my concentration with her deep looking 🙂
She also introduced me her lovely friends and I spent with them my perfect ending in Bali!
Thank you Ada, with your amazing hair; thank you Ihra, always smiling; thank you Ninel… to paid my dinner 🙂


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