Kindness beyond words in Teheran

To move around Teheran was not easy because my hostel was in a very croudy street and almost nobody spoke English, but I was really surprise about disposability and kindness of the people: I only had to show a small paper whit written what I needed, as a shop or a restaurant, and I receiver that.
The first day I needed to change money at a change office, I found a man that paid the taxi for me; to coming back to my hostel another man walked with me, paid the taxi and he accompanied me directly to the hostel.
When I was at the Indian embassy many people, just citizen, helped me to fill the application form, to find a place where to download and print some documents, to find a place where I could eat something, to buy credit for my phone, to find a taxi to reach my hostel; one of them is named Shaha, he even gave me his phone number to any necessities!
And then at the restaurants, walking on the street, at the hostel, many many extremely helpful people, it was incredible!
One evening I met a guy from Ucraine, sasha; we went together to the restaurant and the morning after I visited the city with him, taking some pictures.
I want to conclude greeting and thanks my friend Amidh, the funny taxi driver showed in the video.
He supporter me a lot during my hard days to obtain my visa; he spoke also Spanish, so, adios amigo!


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