I had hard time in the lasts days, I experienced how stupid bureaucracy can be, how can make your life impossible… Almost impossible.
There are different kind of papers: papers from friends, that can help you to find what you need in a place where nobody speak languages you know;
Authoritative papers, that can let you succeed against a foolish bureaucracy;
There are bureaucracy paper, that can waste your time, your money, your patience, that sometimes can represent insurmountable barriers, especially when the people stop to think, stop to listen and they only follow fucking rules!
And there is also a particular kind of paper, my favorite one, that humbly help you to face the dirt side of life, everyday!
I want to thanks Amidh, that wrote for me many useful Persian words, I want to thank the first secretary of Italian embassy, a very helpful person; I also want to thanks the inventor of toilet paper, much more clever than who have invented bureaucracy!

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  1. In mezzo a tante difficoltà, riesci sempre a regalarci momenti di ironia utili comunque ad una riflessione e tutti noi abbiamo così bisogno di fermare i nostri orologi per “pensare” un pò!! Ogni volta che userò la toilet paper ringrazierò il suo inventore…. come hai fatto tu 😀


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