My second new year

I spent a short time in Vietnam, despite I liked so much the atmosphere.
I immediately found a good story to tell, so I decided to go on.
From the airport I caught a bus to Ho Chi Minh, or Saigon, as you prefer.
I met two guys during the travel, they accompanied me until my hostel, through a crazy, beautiful city center full of people.
Henri invited me to taste the traditional food of Vietnam, I spent a lovely evening with him and his friend Mizu.
The day after it was the Chinese New Year, Henri invited me also for the traditional lunch, at his home and his sister cocked a delicious food.
That was enough for me to be satisfied about Vietnam and I bought a bus ticket to leave the day after.
So, at evening, I went to a new year party and I met nice guys named Becky, Rose and Florian, but this is another story.
Thank you Henri, thank to all the people I met,
Beautiful country!


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