Manila, sounds Latino

To find my hostel it has been really crazy, I struggled around Manila for about 6 hours, nobody knew the address.
People here are used to answer always ” Yes ” to do not disappoint anybody, so everybody I met since I was at the airport did like this… at 10 P.M. I realized my place was in Magati, beside Manila; Everybody really helpful anyway.
The second day I was heading to a shopping mole and I met Diego from Mexico, he accompanied me for all the way.
Unluckily I involuntarily interrupted the video.
After I left my new friend I went to buy a local simcard and other shopping, helped by a very kind security guide.
At evening I went to a traditional Philippino restaurant, where I drunk San Miguel beer and I listened to some Spanish live music.
They wanted to sing an Italian song for me but they didn’t know any, so they played ” La Bamba “.


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