One day in Pakse

During the travel to Pakse, in Laos, several passengers assisted me at the border about visa’s procedure, as usual; anyway in those places communication it’s difficult for me, because people don’t speak English or French.
I think they smile a lot!
So, when I found someone that was speaking English I decided to follow him.
In this way I met Toby and Kian, two helpful travelers.
We reached the city at evening and we went together to search a place where to spend the night.
We were impressed because nobody was around on Saturday night and luckily we found a lonely man selling street food, we were very hungry!
We found a cheap room as well.
The morning after Kian continued his journey, good luck man.
I spent the day with Toby, waiting for our night bus to Vientiane.
We went to a massages center to take care about my shoulders, we went to see Mekong river… And we wasted time until evening.

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  1. Good to see you on the move! Happy travelling! Marijke from Brisbane


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