Good energies and good people in Vientiane


I reached Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, in the early morning.
My Polish friend found a minibus for me, to go to the city center.
Once arrived some French people guided me to a bakery, where I had a breakfast and I connected to the wifi to find a hostel.
After my research I left the shop, I asked to a driver to bring me to the place I found but I had the impression he was charging the price to much, so I decided to walk.
I had no idea about where to go, I just started walking.
After few minutes I met a girl that helped me to reach my hostel, it has not been so easy because the streets were really confused!
Unfortunately the hostel was full, I found other people that helped me to get an available hostel.
I joined two men for lunch, we went to a local restaurant where I also found an Italian guy, Jona.
We immediately found a great feeling, he told me he is running an orphanage in Nepal, he told me what amazing things he’s doing there and he invited me to visit the place and meet the children.
I’ll definitely do that, during or after the travel!
We met for dinner as well and when I came back to my hostel I had a funny meeting: I was working on my blog in a public area, a huge man felt on me trying to sit on the bench.
I understood immediately he was drunk, he smelled as beer and he spoke very confused.
He told me he lost his girlfriend and when he saw I didn’t care to him too much he tried to provoke me.
I’m blind, I’m not stupid, I would never fight against a drunk Finnish giant!
So I turned off my phone and I asked him about the girlfriend.
After few minutes he became a sweet bear, he just needed to talk with someone!
The day after I met Jona the last time before to leave Vientiane, we had a lunch together and we took some pictures.
I’m sure I’ll meet you soon my friend, maybe I’ll meet also Mika, the sweet Finnish


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