My small piece of India


I decided to fly directly to Bangkok, the ugly place I could go without to get visa before to start.
In the next days they will be some celebrations in Teheran and I didn’t want to wait one week more.
I was anyway sad during the way to the airport, to skip India was as a lost for me.
But when I reached the airport I immediately met a guy that was going to my same first destination, Dubai, then I would changed to Bangkok and him… To India: he was Indian!
I know, its not the same as to cross the country, but I was so happy, also because he was really gentle and friendly with me.
His name is Etthal and he lives in the same city of Gandhi: Porbandar.
Unfortunately I lost him on the plane, we had different sits… But I found two new amazing guys, one from Iran, Lee and the other one from South Korea, Jay.
They took care of me during all the time, until when we reached the airport and then they went to catch their flight.
In sure we will meet one of them soon…>

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  1. Hi, Alexander:

    This is Jay. I just wander if you arrived Bangkok safely. Just before I got on the plane, I went to the place where you were sitting. But, you were not there. Actually, I prepared a bunch of Chocolate for you to make your trip sweet. I am sorry that I could not deliver. However, I will keep it until you come to South Korea. I truly hope you have successful journey.


    1. You are lovely, my friend!
      Everything it’s ok, Bangkok is a magic city, unfortunately I’m leaving it right now, I have to be quick to find my chocolate still warm 😉
      Have a good time, thank you for your good energy!


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